3 Must Do’s For Your 2015 Intentions

New Year’s Eve (well… New Year’s Day) I had the opportunity to go into great discussion with one of my oldest friends from high school about actually accomplishing our resolutions. His resolution was to workout more and give up SODA and we were talking about how we accomplish these goals when so many people don’t or don’t even have one.

Because this time of year is wrought with people who dislike resolutions, for one simple reason: they don’t seem to stick to them.

The truth is they can and do stick, but only if you set about them in the right away. So let me don my wellness coaching hat and give you a little 411 inspiration to help you accomplish yours.

BYLV_3 Must Dos

The 3 Must Do’s to Avoid Repeating Last Year

1. Stop focusing on WHAT and start focusing on WHY:

Most of us by now are great at making plans… no? I LOVE them, especially if they’re awesome and color-coded with a vision board. It’s the execution that kicks me in the butt … usually right around week 3. But of all the “resolutions” I’ve kept, the ones that stuck with me were the ones where I was more deeply connected to WHY I was wanting them in the first place and I now call them “SOLUTIONS”!

I am not a fan of “diets” … in fact I learn to change my mindset and now I am a huge fan of “LIFESTYLE” for the mere fact that I want more energy, more time with family, less stress and more emotional and financial freedom, which all equates to things like joy, laughter, peace … are you following … am I right?

Once we know what we’re looking for, we can naturally find the vehicle to take us there.

So … what do YOU really what to accomplish as your New Year goal? How are you really wanting to feel? Place THOSE images on your vision board.

2. Don’t take the wrong things away; add the right things in.

What this means is to slowly take out the bad habits and start to add good habits … baby steps! This is why everyone gives up on their New Year’s Resolutions within two weeks! They attack too many problems at once, instead of focusing on building one or two habits at a time.

When you start to focus on adding more positive things in your life before even thinking about subtracting the negative, the negative starts to take care of its own.

So let’s say you want to lose weight this year and would like to fit in more yoga into your schedule. Instead of focusing on all the things you can’t have



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