About Us

[header_title title=”Welcome to BYLV!” header_size=”h4″]

A very warm welcome to Bikram Yoga Las Vegas ‘BYLV’ and to our website.

This page tells you a little bit about us.

We look forward to seeing you at our studio very soon.


[header_title title=”Our Vision” header_size=”h4″]
To be the leading provider of bikram (hot yoga), pilates, and fitness in Las Vegas.


[header_title title=”Our Mission” header_size=”h4″]
To promote the benefits of the Bikram Yoga method and different forms of exercise including Pilates, Scuplt, and Yin and to give the best possible experience to every student that walks through our doors regardless of age, size, gender or fitness. We will do this by delivering high quality teaching and customer service within the framework of our values so not only will you get fit and healthy but you will enjoy a friendly, warm environment where everyone is welcome.


[header_title title=”Values” header_size=”h4″]
We are really proud of the community and business we have created. This has been achieved through our values that reflect how we do things:

  • Be respectful
  • Make a difference
  • Be passionate
  • Be honest
  • Be positive
  • Strive for quality

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