Introduction to Bikram ‘Hot Yoga’

Curious what the talk ‘hot yoga’ is all about? perhaps Bikram Yoga is what you hear a lot these days…

Inspired to try out a new challenge I decided to go and have a look at the Hot Bikram Yoga studio and try a class. I had ask an instructor what were the top 5 reasons for choosing the Bikram Practice:

1). Bikram Yoga is accessible to everyone. Whatever age, shape, flexibility, fitness level, there is a posture for everyone. Whoever you are, you will feel comfortable walking into a Bikram Yoga class.

2). The heat and humidity is an incredible support to your body to allow you to stretch deeper and in a safer way.

3). The Bikram Yoga sequence is simple and incredibly effective: in particular with aiding injuries, weight loss, building lean muscle strength. Simple, but incredibly challenging in every class.

4). Bikram Yoga is practiced in over 600 studios around the world by hundreds of thousands of people. It is tried and tested. It is the fastest growing yoga in the world and most importantly, it works!

5). The Bikram certified teachers and certified Hot Bikram Yoga studios offer an incredibly high standard of teaching and customer service

Like many thousands of bikram hot yoga students I was astounded by the countless benefits I experienced in a very short time. I was having such astonishing and obvious physical and mental benefits from even the first week of doing my yoga practice… and then I was addicted to going to class.

I practiced almost everyday… six times per week and often went eight times if I decided to do a double. Within a month I had lost a dress size and those extra pounds that are ridiculously hard to lose…

All my life, I was very athletic which caused me some injuries. Bikram Yoga has helped the knee and back pain to stop aching. And for some people, I heard that having a regular Bikram Yoga practice, the pain completely goes away.

Being athletic doesn’t mean anything… we started the breathing exercise and I noticed I was struggling, fighting, and then I had to learn how to relax… and just breathe… I had been told before the class that one of the biggest challenges would be to stay in the room the whole time; there were points when I felt dizzy but I had been told to just sit down if I felt I couldn’t do a pose and I definitely took advantage of this… Even sitting down and watching I loved discovering new and interesting distinctions about each pose. I believe that yoga should never cause a struggle but should definitely challenge you to grow, open, breathe, and live fully…

And then I became a Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor in 2009… Not only do I do what I love, being an instructor is rewarding and more importantly to share these amazing benefits with anyone who would listen is awesome!

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