The Magic of Repetition

The ability to be unattached to your sensations means you can deepen the meditative effects of your yoga practice.

Bikram Yoga classes run for 90 minutes and consists of the same series of 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises. The fact that we repeat the same class each time creates perfect conditions for deep learning.

Unlike other yoga practices where it could take years to learn 100s of poses, a regular bikram practice may only take a number of classes to gain sufficient familiarity.

Repetition should be used to learn and grow, not to judge the progress.

Equally, when things go badly the tendency is to try to work out why. However, if you try to attach meaning to an action or reaction you will rob yourself of objective learning.

Repetition can also create your worst enemy in bikram yoga: Habits. Avoid practicing poses on ‘auto pilot’, because doing this you are simply exercising your body and nothing more.

Source: Discover a Hot Yoga Practice

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